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A Soap is Born

Making Soap is alittle bit of a science experiment and alitle bit of good baking skills. 

Our HBH Soaps are kept simple, using the benefits from Nature and essential oils they are fragrance-free. 

You need to know how each ingredient will react with the other.  The Saponifcation of Olive, Coconut, Grapeseed oils, with Goats Milk and Sodium hydroxide (lye) Mixed together to a 'Trace' (thick custard) creates the soap, before pouring out into soap moulds to hold its shape.  Using 3 different oils along with the fats from the Goats Milk gives our soap a good lather and firmness when wet.

After 48hrs setting time, it is hand cut into Bars. Then is cured for 4-6 weeks on wooden racks, completing the soap making proccess.  All of the soaps are individually hand wrapped before its next journey - to you!!